Where To Buy Hermit Crab & How To Choose The Right One? Top 3 places you can find.

Where To Buy Hermit Crab
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Where To Buy Hermit Crab? The detailed article below provides you with reputable addresses to buy this crab online easily and how to choose. Check it out!

Where To Buy Hermit Crab & How To Choose The Right One?

Hermit crabs are one of the most loved and often chosen pets in their family. However, if you are wondering where to decide to buy, please refer to our article below!

Where To Buy Hermit Crabs


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Caring for your Hermit Crab

Overall, the hermit crab is a great pet and is relatively easy to care for. This crab has evolved to have adaptations to both terrestrial and aquatic habitats. In addition, this crab will often use other hollow shells to build houses and as weapons for self-defense.

If a hermit crab is cared for properly, this crab can live for at least 15 years. Therefore, give more crabs (appropriate amount) so that they can become more active.

Here are a few notes in the process of taking care of them you need to know:


To be able to take good care of your pet, you should choose an aquarium with a glass lid so that the hermit crab can live comfortably and not climb out. Because hermit crabs are tropical animals, always keep the aquarium at a 27 – 28 degrees Celsius temperature and do not drop below 20 degrees Celsius.

Don’t forget to install a thermometer at the bottom to keep track of the entire temperature. You can refer to heating one end of the tank so that hermit crabs can move to places where the temperature is suitable for their body.

The most important thing is that you should not fill the tank with water because hermit crabs are terrestrial crabs, so you should put a layer of sand combined with coconut fiber on the bottom of the tank.

This animal is quite fond of climbing, decorating them with pieces of silkwood or mangrove roots into the aquarium so that they can get used to and adapt to the natural environment.

Hermit crabs are pretty fond of humidity from 50 – 70% because this is the proper humidity for their gills and breathing problems. If the air is too dry, the hermit crab may not survive and will suffocate. To maintain high humidity, make sure that there is an adequate amount of water and that the temperature is kept warm regularly.

Don’t forget to change the water every day to keep your tank clean. However, if you feel that daily water changes will take time and your life is too busy, change the water at least once a month for your pet.


Hermit crab needs to be fed daily with a moderate amount of food to ensure freshness. They mainly eat fish balls, bread, cereals, apples or other fruits, etc.

You can consult more from the sellers to understand more about their daily nutrition.


Hermit crabs have a habit of shedding their skin twice a year. When a crab is in the process of molting, you will find them less active, possibly not eating or drinking too much water as they are preparing themselves for time to burrow. It is considered a very regular habit.

It will take a few weeks for my skin to harden before it is back. So you don’t need to worry about them; just let your pets be comfortable during this time. In addition, you can also consider feeding hermit crabs with old shells as this is a rich source of calcium.


Usually, after the molting process, the hermit crab will find a “new home” to live in. Provide hermit crabs with spare shells in the tank so they can freely choose.

You should choose apricots that are a little larger than the old ones and collect a little more so that the pets will not have a situation of fighting with each other when they agree on the same “house.”


Fighting is one of the unlikely problems if you have too many hermit crabs in your tank. You may want to consider a larger tank if too many fish live in the same tank.

Please create more space for your crabs so that they are no longer aggressive or drag other crabs out of the shell to compete.


Hermit crab health problems are common such as stress, poisoning so keep an eye on them.


Signs of stress will include inactivity, sluggishness in the process of shedding or searching for a new shell.

If hermit crabs show signs of abnormality, they will go around or stay in the corner without going to their “home” because they are exposed and feel unprotected.

The cause of this situation maybe because there are too many other animals in the tank; they can be bullied, live alone, and are abandoned.


Other crabs are easily poisoned by the cleaners used in their aquatic environment.

Unfortunately, during the cleaning process, you drop a few drops, even a small amount, but also hurt your pet.

Therefore, make sure that you do not use chemicals when cleaning the aquarium and do not use any chemicals near your pet.

Some signs that help you know your pet has been poisoned include: dropping the shell and sitting in water. They have a relatively weak state (when they are healthy, they can keep their bodies up). In addition, they may have amputated arms and legs.

Since these crabs cannot remove the poison on their own, they will begin to pull the affected areas first, such as their claws.


Hopefully, sharing where to buy hermit crab has helped you get more information about the websites to buy them. 

Don’t forget during the shopping process, read the product reviews carefully to have the most authentic look and choose the right product. Along with that, we have shared with you the notes of taking care of hermit crabs, and they live as long as possible.

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If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below for the fastest support.

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