Hermit Crab Supplies – Everything You Need To Know

Hermit Crab Supplies
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How do you need to prepare Hermit Crab Supplies? Read the detailed article below to be provided with a checklist of items that you need to buy for your pet.

Hermit Crab Supplies – Everything You Need To Know

Hermit Crab is known as a reasonable, reasonable, and quite an easy-to-raise animal. If you want your pets to be healthy and live comfortably, you need to provide them with many foods, drinks, and some other ornaments. Today, we will learn about Hermit Crab Supplies you need to prepare for your pets!

Glass Tank With Lid

If you’re torn between glass tanks or plastic tanks, glass is an option that would be a top priority. A glass or glass tank can certainly hold moisture and the right temperature than a plastic tank.

The glass lid above factors hermit crab to allow for a comfortable living environment. However, conditions for pet development will also depend on the local climate and the temperature in your house. When the weather is suitable, you can open the lid a little to keep the moisture safe and carefully so they do not slip out slightly.

If you want to give your pet the most comfortable living environment, don’t forget to change the water daily to keep the water in the tank clean.

However, not everyone has the time to do that. You can consider asking a relative (who shares the same interest as you to raise hermit crab), or if you don’t have one, change it at least once a month.


Hermit Crab Supplies
Hermit crab tank ideas – source: Pinterest – from Michelle Leahey


The substrate of the tank, also known as lining material, is called here to create a space similar to the environment of the hermit crab nature. Currently, the common substrate is used as a kind of sterile sea sand, sand, and coir dust combine to create proper humidity for a hermit crab.

Before emptying the tank substrate for yourself, you need to learn about the minimum level for it. Typically, the hermit crab requires a minimum of 6-12 inch substrate. Creating a suitable habitat makes their molting process more straightforward, easier.

Under Tank Heater

An Under Tank Heater or heat pads U.T.H. is produced exclusively for small animals like hermit crab species.

Accordingly, U.T.H. will keep hermit crab warm by warming at a temperature suitable for the objects in your tank.

You can buy a thermometer to observe the temperature level in the tank and keep fit. According to the seller, you should not place the heatsink of the hermit crab tank sect under which should be placed on research into the average or most appropriate place for them.

Overhead light

Hermit crab is a species requirement on light as well as darkness for about 12 hours/day. Animals can absorb UVB lamps. You can consider using UVB or L.E.D. to provide daylight for them.

Also, you may want to consider the red or blue L.E.D. to add effects at night for your pet. 

Pet hermit crabs who have a long time share that one should not use heat lamps or heat emitters to replace thermal pads. If you want to control the temperature in their living environment with the tools, consider this carefully.


You will need at least 3 types of hermit crab food, including a freshwater pool, ocean water pond, and nonmetallic food dish. Swimming in your household must have a suitable size for crabs comfortable swimming in the water.


With the raising of these animals for years, they recommend that people not abuse their new food items being sold in the market. However, there are some foods suitable because they do not contain preservatives.

The dishes are considered “favorites” of hermit crabs, such as fish balls, bread, cereals, apples, or other types of fish, …

With fruits, you can cut them into thin, trim pieces and must ensure the freshness of the new hermit crab. The rest can be purchased directly at the store or through an online website such as Petwave, Amazon. Alibaba,….

You should check the list of foods brought to safety hermit crabs, and more people ask you about an appropriate diet for your pet.

Hermit Crab Supplies
Hermit Fish Tank Water Crab


Thermometers are objects that you can observe the temperature in the tank foundation is how much. Currently, the thermometer has 3 common types include:

  • The adhesive fish tank style is a product based on the color change of the thermometer when the temperature of the tank base increases.
  • The circular reptile-type thermometers operate on a coil that shrinks or expands to help you know the level of heat is cold or hot or as appropriate.
  • A digital gauge is the first machine to use a free. It allows users to measure temperature at multiple locations to determine the temperature in the tank and fit hermit crab.
  • Alternatively, you can use these types of thermometers in the laboratory to determine the tank’s background heat and adjust humidity levels that are a good match.


Hygrometer type also uses temperature varieties. They have an essential role in measuring and checking the heat level in the tank. 

Once the humidity thermostat reduces and dry air, your terrestrial live crabs may find it difficult to breathe, not comfortable. Therefore, you should pay attention to moisture that is always about 80% okay.

Water Ager / Conditioner

A water purifier or air conditioner is quite important if the water quality is not suitable for the tank.

Water purifiers are crucial because they eliminate toxic substances from tap water such as chlorine, chlorine, or heavy metals such as iron. These are all substances that can make your Hermit Crab sick Due to poisoning.

An air conditioner will help balance the temperature for Hermit Crab, which allows your pets to live as comfortably and relax as possible.

Ocean Salt

It would help if you used the sea saltwater solution similar to the lake. IoT salt or salt will never be used for a tank for Hermit Crab.

Users should use salt mixes for saltwater tanks and follow the instructions correctly. Also, freshwater will not meet the demand for Hermit Crab.

In general, you should consult about how to choose suitable salts and seawater mixing formulas that best suit your pet.

Extras – Optional Extras


You can consider using moss because it is a great plant to create and maintain appropriate moisture. Your Hermit Crab species also has a habit of eating many mosses to hide and raise them every day.

Before buying or planting one in the tank, you should check if they are safe, suitable for your pet or not.

Water Glass, Marbles, or Glass Pebbles

This is one of the great items to help water feel deeper, creating traction when Hermit Crab needs it. It will bring an environment like in the ocean.

Besides, Water Glass, Marbles, or Glass Pebbles can also be decorative objects for the beautiful and fancy Hermit Crab tank.

Plastic Canvas or Gutter Guard

You should create a sloping path and out to your pet to not be stuck and still have a comfortable exit, a walkway in the tank.

Plastic Plants and Vines

Decorating for tanks with plants and vines can be made of plastic, fabric, or any suitable material to bring beauty to your tank. Besides, it also helps Hermit Crab with climbing places, hiding, moving similar to the natural environment.

In addition, according to the advice of perennial farmers, you should also create some dark spots in the tank but have to be careful so Hermit Crab can’t climb out.

Substrate enhancements

The primary substrate mixture that is much used is sand and coconut fiber to create appropriate moisture. However, you can refer to other substances to add to. If you can mix the mixes according to a reasonable rate, you are helping your pet have an ideal living environment.

According to the life cycle, the Hermit Crab species will make it difficult to add. Therefore, you should consult natural leaves (no pesticides or other chemicals) to mix with substrates.


Besides the objects introduced above, you also need to add a large amount of shell to Hermit Crab. According to the cycle, after conducting molting, they will start moving, looking for a new cover to fit, more comprehensive than the “old house” that they are living in.

You can let new shells prepare through hot water, and then the company drops into the tank; this is a good appealing Hermit Crab.

Also, if you raise in large quantities and don’t want them to fight, prepare a shell with all different types of sizes. Hermit Crab will have to go to check and review where it is on her new roof.

On another note, you should not decorate the shell with paints because they can affect, dangerous to Hermit Crab.

Hermit Crab Supplies


Hopefully, the shares of Hermit Crab Accessories that need to be provided for Hermit Crab have helped you have more information and be well prepared to feed this pet.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions to get feedback and fully explain from our experts.

Last But Not Least, don’t forget to share this article with your relatives or friends who may be struggling to prepare a new house for their pets.


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