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One of the most important aspects of maintaining an aquarium is feeding the fish.  Feeding them too much will result in poor water quality and increased stress levels of your fish. Feed them too little and some could starve.

Most fish eat flake foods, but some may have a special diet. Feed your fish twice a day and try to make sure they finish eating in a couple of minutes. Don’t feed all the food at once, spread out adding food over the length of the feeding period.  Make sure each fish is getting some of the food, including the bottom dwellers.

Feeding Tips

• Feed your aquarium fish twice a day. • When feeding, provide only the amount of food that can be consumed in a minute or two. • Use a net to scoop out any food that was not eaten.

• Feed a variety of different food types.

What should I watch out for?

Feeding too much:  Watch out for flakes settling on the gravel as this may be a sign that you are over feeding your fish. Clouded water is a sure sign you have fed them too much and its time for a water change.

Feeding too little:  If you notice that your middle and bottom dwelling fish and your shy fish coming to the top to compete for food this is a sign that they are starving, because they don’t naturally want to be there.  Increase the length of time for each feeding or the number of feedings.

If you are having water quality trouble, it’s a good idea to reduce or stop feeding your fish.

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